The Fabulous Short Stories collection


Fabulous Short Stories
ISBN 9781776040001

Fabulous Short Stories is a series of stories that not only enlighten and teach us, but broaden our horisons and open us up to our world. We come to understand other people’s experiences better and to earn many things, such as lessons about responsibility and justice, guilt and culpability. These are human stories, written to help us confront our feelings and views about who we are as a people and how we should build our future as a nation.

The Fabulous Short Stories collection is presented in an appealing, user- friendly full- colour format that is certain to provide enjoyable reading. In addition to the fascinating stories themselves, Fabulous Short Stories incorporates these special features:

An Introduction, which explains the nature of short stories and discusses the general background and themes of the text to help learners better understand and enjoy the stories

    • An introduction to each story that provides background to help guide learners and teachers through each of the short stories
    • Pre-reading activities to prepare learners for reading and to guide their understanding of each story
    • Short Biographies of the authors, telling the life story and explaining the workof each author
    • Glossary notes for each story that define new words and phrases for learners
    • Notes and discussion sections to help learners understand literary techniques and to assist with analyses of the more difficult stories
    • Questions and activities sections that help the learners to develop critical insights into each story. These sections also examine learners’ knowledge of the facts of each story and suggest creative ideas for individual, pair, group and class work. Exam-style questions are included, so that learners can practise for exams
    • A glossary of literary terms at the back of the book, defining and providing
    • examples of literary terms found throughout the text


  • Suggestions for further reading – learners and teachers will be able to read more about the authors and their work.

By Lucy Z. Dlamini