Fabulous Mathematics is a dynamic series of Mathematics books that meets the requirements of the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Document (CAPS).

Fabulous Mathematics
ISBN 9781920645458

Fabulous Mathematics
ISBN 9781920645458

The Fabulous Mathematics books build learners' confidence to master the required content, skills and concepts for each grade. It covers the five content areas of Mathematics in the order specified in the CAPS.


Fabulous Mathematics is an easy-to-use series, printed in full colour to make learning easier and more enjoyable. In each book in this series, you will find the following:

  • an easy explanation of each mathematical concept
  • sufficient examples throughout the book
  • Key Word boxes with explanations to build mathematical vocabulary
  • Think About sections with additional explanations and information
  • Did you know? sections, where prior concepts are revised.


The content is listed at the start of each unit.

  • A variety of activities are provided for learners.
  • These activities have been carefully planned to address the different skills that need to be developed at various cognitive levels. So knowledge, routine procedures, complex proce­dures and problem-solving form important design features in the books.
  • There are revision exercises and challenges in each unit.
  • Mental Maths exercises are provided at the start of each term.

 Support for educators

The Fabulous Mathematics series includes comprehensive teacher's guides with assessment guidelines, as well as fully usable examples to facilitate learning in the classroom.
Horizontal progression across the Phase has been taken into account to support educators with differentiation practices.

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